Word of the day: eleemosynary

adj.of or pertaining to charity; charitable

Word of the day: lickerish


  1. greedy
  2. lustful; lecherous
  3. glulttonous or eager for food

Word of the day: antoecial

adj. applied to places in opposite hemispheres but in same latitude and longitude

Word of the day: sacerdotal


  1. relating to priests or the priesthood; priestly
  2. relating to a doctrine that ascribes spiritual or supernatural powers to ordained priests

Word of the day: caliginous

adj. misty; dim; obscure

Word of the day: elusory

adj. evasive; difficult to grasp mentally

Word of the day: uberous

adj. fruitful; copious; abundant

word of the day: nascent

adj. just coming into existence and beginning to display signs of future potential; not yet fully developed

word of the day: urbane


  1. having the polish and suavity characteristic of city social life
  2. reflecting elegance and sophistication especially in expression

word of the day: sessile

adj. fixed in one place; immobile 

Word of the day: feckless


  1. lacking in efficiency or vitality
  2. unthinking and irresponsible

Word of the day: venal

adj.  capable of being bribed or corrupted; based on bribery or corruption; mercenary

Word of the day: axenic

adj.  not contaminated by or associated with any other living organisms; a pure culture of a single kind of organism 

Word of the day: penurious

adj. extremely poor; characterized by poverty or need. 

Word of the day: rapacious

adj. greedy; obtaining by extortion; predacious; ravenous